Sunday, July 7, 2013

Healing after antibiotics

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health is just that, integrative. That doesn’t mean we never work with physicians who would ever prescribe a medication. That doesn’t mean we think everything needs to be treated holistically. It means that bring everything together for a broad picture of what is best for the patient, testing, supplementation, diet, mind-body, the whole enchilada.

Sometimes that means prescribing or using an antibiotic depending on whether you are the physician or the patient. And afterwards, then what? How do we replenish the body after (and during) a bout of antibiotics? This article, Healing Yourself After Antibiotics, is designed to help patients understand how to replenish the good flora in the gut when antibiotics are a must. Probiotics are a good start! New Beginnings Nutritionals carries a variety of probiotics designed to help support the gut flora. Fermented foods is another great option. If you are a physician, what is your suggestion to your patients? If you are a patient, have you ever tried using antibiotics during and/or after your course of antibiotics? Share your stories on our blog or our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you!


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